21 Things About Burnaby You Likely Didn’t Know

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The majority of us agree that Burnaby is among the most gorgeous cities in the world, with a stunning setting involving the North Shore Mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Today we would like to give you a few details about Burnaby that go beyond just general knowledge, so let us learn a bit more about our beautiful town!

1. Burnaby is also known as”Hollywood of the North”. In North America town comes next after Los Angeles in TV production and third in feature film production (after Los Angeles and New York). Most productions made in Burnaby are American, whereas many Toronto based productions are Canadian.2. Burnaby’s cruise ship terminal is the 4th biggest in the world. The majority of the ships departing from the terminal are headed to Alaska. The last cruise of the 2016 year will leave the Canada Place Terminal on October 19th! 3. The Port of Burnaby is the largest port in Canada and the third largest in North America in terms of total tonnage moved in and out of this vent.4. Burnaby is home to Canada’s longest pool. Kits Pool is the city’s only saltwater pool and is located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood. The lanes extend 137 meters, which is nearly 3 times as long as an Olympic pool.

5. The decorative treatment Botox was devised in Burnaby.6. The British Properties in West Burnaby was initially a neighbourhood for upper class elites. Residents were required to have a British passport and excluded Jewish and Shiite folks. Fortunately, it’s become far more varied these days.7. Burnaby’s Stanley Park is 10% bigger than Central Park in New York. Among the most popular ways to explore it’s through a bicycle ride or walk across the famous Seawall.8. Speaking of Stanley Park: all the gray squirrels located in Stanley Park are descendants of eight pairs of gray squirrels that Burnaby obtained as a gift from nyc in 1909.9. The world’s largest tin soldier is found in the town of New Westminster, in the Burnaby Metropolitan area. It’s an astonishing 9.75 metres tall and weighs 4540 kilograms.

10. Burnaby has the highest property prices in Canada and is the third least affordable major metropolitan real estate market after Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia.11. 40 percent of Burnaby’s total population is composed of immigrants. The town has also the highest percentage of Asians per capita of any North American city. Burnaby’s historic Chinatown is among the largest in North America.12. The eco-activist group Greenpeace, among the most successful environmental groups worldwide, was founded in Burnaby 1971. A group of volunteers met in Gastown’s Luna Café, which is now called Smart Mouth Cafe.13. “The Eye of The Wind” at the top of Grouse Mountain is the sole working wind turbine in the world which has a viewing platform.

14. Burnaby is a very young city. It was only incorporated in 1886 and thus shares the identical anniversary with the founding of Coca-Cola. On June 13 1886, the Great Burnaby Fire burnt down town and just a few buildings survived the fire.

15. Despite the fact that the name might suggest something different, the California roll was really invented in Burnaby by Chef Hidekazu Tojo. You can see his restaurant Tojo at Burnaby’s Fairview neighbourhood.

16. Burnaby is one of the only significant cities in North America where you can’t find a freeway accessibility downtown.17. The Marine Building on 355 Burrard Street was the tallest building in the British Empire.

18. Burnaby has recently been named the third most livable city in the world, after Melbourne and Vienna. The indicator considers 30 factors associated with security, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and the environment.19. BC Place was the first covered stadium in Canada. The retractable roof is 7500 square metres and is the biggest in the world.20. Burnaby and Victoria have the mildest climates in Canada. As pleasant as this might be, Burnaby also sees an average of 1457mm of rain with a mean of 165 rainy days annually.21. In actuality, the city comprises some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in all Canada, the wealthiest being West Burnaby. The average yearly household income is $120.000 compared to Metro Burnaby’s average of $63.000. Many movie stars, corporate executives and wealthy men and women live here in magnificent homes along the waterfront.


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